Samsung Galaxy S9 teasers hint at 3D emoji, super slow-mo camera, and more

  • Posted by admin on February 15, 2018

With less than two weeks to go before the official debut of the Galaxy S9, Samsung has ratcheted up the hype machine for its next flagship.

Samsung today posted three brief video teasers for the Galaxy S9. Each video focuses on a different feature, like the one above that appears to be teasing the 3D emoji feature that’s rumored for the S9. In it, we see a man in different situations making different faces, and briefly at the end, his real face is transformed into one that looks like a cartoon character.

Samsung Galaxy S9 low light photography teaser

The second teaser seems to be hinting at the Galaxy S9’s low light photo capabilities. We see several dark scenes, like people walking down a sidewalk at night. The end of the video shows the silhouette of a deer, and then we get a bright, clear view of it inside the circle of a 9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 super slow-mo video recording teaser

Finally, the third teaser is a bit tougher to decipher, but it may be a hint at a super slow motion video recording feature. A previous leak showed off what may be the Galaxy S9’s packaging, and one of the items is a “Super Slow-mo” camera feature. The teaser shows lots of fast things, like a cheetah and rollercoaster, before showing a person in a glider suit slowly flying through the sky.

The Galaxy S9 will be officially introduced on February 25. While the phone is expected to look largely similar to the Galaxy S8, Samsung will make some improvements to the GS9 like a new processor and new software features. The Galaxy S9+ is expected to be beefed up even more, like with added RAM and a dual rear camera setup.

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