Review: The Revolver Lens Kit Works with the iPhone X Camera & Wireless Charging

A few years ago, I tried an older version of the Revolver Lens Kit ($ 44.95–$ 70) from Ztylus. It was a clever way to add optional camera lenses to an iPhone, but I wondered how they could accommodate the new iPhone X, with its two lenses and wireless charging. 

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Well, I got to see the new Revolver Lens at CES 2018 and then I had some time to try it out later. Ztylus did indeed come through, with macro, fisheye, telephoto and wide angle lenses that tuck away into the snap-on revolving system. That system attaches via magnet and when removed, the case can attach to an optional $ 9.99 vent clip via magnet. Your iPhone can still be charged wirelessly when the lenses are removed. The newer cases are about half the price of the original metal model from 2015, and lighter weight as well.


The case itself needs to be mentioned because the company could have phoned it in… pun intended. Instead the case provides decent protection, including at the bottom where many case manufacturers skimp. Additionally, Ztylus works with designers to create a plethora of custom case designs. Just remember when ordering that you need to get the specific model for your phone. 



  • Numerous color and artwork choices
  • Magnetic lens attachment system
  • Accommodates iPhone X dual-lens system
  • Protective case
  • Optional vent clip


  • Need specific model for your phone

Final Verdict

If you want to have assorted lenses at the ready, the Revolver Lens Kit from Ztylus is a clever way to do so. 

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