Review: SleepPhones Are the Solution for Falling Asleep to Music

  • Posted by admin on February 12, 2018

My daughter likes to listen to music when she sleeps, but she has ruined numerous headphones doing so, and even broke an iPad which fell off the bed, because it was connected via a wired connection. AcousticSheep has a much better alternative with their SleepPhones ($ 99.95). These are fabric headbands with speakers and a Bluetooth receive built-in. You can choose from assorted materials and colors and despite the name, use them for running as well as sleeping.

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There are a variety of options such as a wired or wireless connection, with or without microphone. The microphone could be handy if used while jogging. The electronics are removable for charging and washing. There is even a free companion app with sounds suited for sleeping. Now that I’m spoiled with Qi-based wireless charging, I would prefer if the SleepPhones could be recharged just by placing them on a platform.


  • Comfortable for sleeping or running
  • Assorted materials and colors
  • Variety of options (wired, wireless, with or without microphone)
  • Removable for charging and washing
  • Free companion app


  • Charging could be wireless

Final Verdict

If you want to fall asleep to music, the smart and safe option is to use SleepPhones from AcousticSheep. 


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