Turing Robotic Industries files for bankruptcy

Turing Phone front back official

Remember the Turing Phone? This Android phone was first announced in 2015 as a super secure, metal-clad Android phone with high-end specs. The phone was originally slated to begin shipping in December 2015, but that didn’t happen, and it still hasn’t to this day. Now Turing, the new company behind the phone, is facing a hurdle in finally bringing it’s device to market.

Turing Robotic Industries has filed for bankruptcy. Reports from Finland, where TRI rented a warehouse, say that creditors filed a claim with TRI in 2017 and that all of the company’s movable property has been seized.

In a recent Facebook post, TRI CEO Steve Chao commented on the news of TRI’s bankruptcy, saying that the filing was made “to temporarily suspend our manufacturing intentions” but that it “doesn’t mean that TRI is bankrupt”. Chao promises to share more news in the coming weeks.

More news on TRI came out yesterday, with Finnish publication Salon Seudun Sanomat saying that Chao claims that he has no debt. Chao also says that he’s starting a new company called Turing Robotic Industries Kepler Oy with his old partners and that all of the work on this new company will be finished in March.

We’ll have to wait and see how this whole situation plays out, but at this point if you were holding your breath waiting for a Turing phone to come out, you may want to exhale. We’re now a few years out from the original debut of the Turing Phone without any kind of significant public release, and these latest developments don’t paint an encouraging picture.

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