Help a 7-Year Old Boy Shape the World Through a Social Network in ‘Friends of the Prince’ from the Developer of ‘Nano Empire’

  • Posted by admin on December 11, 2017

James Senter, creator of the A Dark Room [$ 1.99]-inspired text-based incremental game Nano Empire [$ 0.99] which became hugely popular in the accessible games community for its VoiceOver support for the visually impaired, has announced his next game and I’m loving the premise to death. It’s called Friends of the Prince, and it takes place in a twisted future where robots are just about to take over the world. But before the Robot Queen can enslave all of humanity, an unlikely hero “deceived her with cuteness and smashed her face” thus making him the leader of the world with absolute power. That hero is a 7-year old boy known as the Prince. Now he’s ready to reshape humanity by way of his very own social network known as Friends of the Prince.

In Friends of the Prince, you’ll either “like” or “dislike” the messages posted by the Prince and will be awarded Power based on if the Prince feels like you’re being a good citizen or not. You can then use that Power to beef up the three categories that affect society: Culture, Economy, and Security. What’s cool is that this is a multiplayer game so “all players’ choices combine to impact a shared game world.” Kind of like an MMO version of Reigns [$ 2.99] mixed in with some Nano Empire-style incremental world-building. It sounds really cool! So is being beholden to an authoritarian 7-year old any better to being enslaved by a Robot Queen? Who knows! We should find out next month when Friends of the Prince is released, and in the meantime if you’re interested in beta testing this one check out the thread in our forums.


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