Best Tech Gifts for Families

  • Posted by admin on November 14, 2017

Sometimes, it’s not an individual that you need to buy a present for, it’s an entire family. And in some ways, that’s an even harder proposition than buying a gift for just one person. To help you out, we picked 10 awesome tech gifts for the family (or any other group of people living under one roof).

10 Tate Selection Maglev Globe – $ 39.99

This holiday season, you give can someone the whole world — well, sort of. But this isn’t any regular old globe. This globe actually levitates in midair via a suite of sensors and electromagnets built into its sleek base. Place it on a table and it’ll create a stunning display that’ll wow everyone (and not just geography lovers). Perfect for the home desk or a kid’s room. Get it here.

9 Zoolz Cloud: Lifetime 100GB Subscription – $ 49.99

In our digital age, we take a lot of pictures, record a lot of video, and back up our devices periodically. Start multiplying that amount by a few people, and devices can very quickly fill up. That’s where this lifetime subscription to 100GB of Zoolz cloud storage comes in. Perfect for individuals or families alike, the Intelligent Cloud features government-grade encryption and AI-based object and face recognition. Get it here.

8 De’Longhi Nespresso Inissia Espresso Machine – $ 113.14

Bring the coffee shop drink home with this easy espresso maker. This machine uses a variety of coffee pods to let users easily make a variety of different espresso-based drinks, including lattes, mochas and cappuccinos —complete with the perfect crema. This model also comes with a starter pack of pods, so you can try them out and pick your favorites for future ordering. Get it here.

7 Roku 4K Wireless Streaming Stick – $ 69

Roku has amassed a reputation for its devices, and it’s easy to see why. This small device allows you to stream all sorts of 4K, HDR and HD content from the big providers, such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video. But its strength is in its portability: you can plug the Roku into basically any TV with an HDMI port and be good to go. That, along with its 4x Wi-Fi range, makes it perfect for streaming on-the-go. Get it here.

6 Kodak 180° Panoramic HD Wi-Fi Security Camera – $ 69.99

Home security is important. That’s why this Kodak video monitor has a wide-angle 180-degree field of view, so it can cover an entire room. It’s perfect for monitoring the home and checking in on loved ones (even of the four-legged variety) with HD streaming video and two-way audio, and it also sports a suite of automation and detection features. Get it here.

5 Nest Learning Thermostat, Stainless Steel – $ 246.99

Whether’s it’s the dead of winter or the suffocating heat of summer, a Nest Learning Thermostat will ensure a comfortable in-home temperature. Controllable by Google Home, Amazon Echo, as well as via any laptop, tabletop smartphone, this Nest actually learns the temperatures you prefer and can automatically turn off when nobody’s home. Get it here.

4 Cujo Smart Firewall with Free Subscription – $ 224.99

You wouldn’t leave your doors unlocked at night, so why leave your Wi-Fi network unprotected? This smart internet firewall protects all of the devices connected to your network and deters hacking, phishing and webcam hacks, among other threats. It comes with a lifetime subscription to Cujo’s enterprise-level firewall, which can block malicious websites and viruses. For families with children, it also comes with parental controls. Get it here.

3 Amazon Echo, 2nd-Generation – $ 99.99

By now, you probably already know about Amazon Echo and Alexa. It’s a powerful, voice-activated smart home device that can do anything from reading off the weather to playing tracks from Spotify or Amazon Music. But this is the new generation of Echo, and its sports an all-new aesthetic with a Charcoal Fabric wrap and improved Dolby sound. Get it here.

2 Nintendo Switch – $ 299.99

The Nintendo Switch is the latest gaming console from the legendary Japanese company. Like many consoles on the market, it allows for a wide range of single and multi-player games at home. But the Switch is different in that it can turn into a handheld gaming console at a moment’s notice — making it the perfect companion for family game night and family road trip alike. Get it here.


1 Modular Computing HD Projection System – $ 699

Projectors are an awesome way to create theater-like experiences at home. This model projects up to 120” of HD video content at a brightness of 400 lumens. But this projector has a few tricks up its sleeve: it also has a detachable 13,200mAh power bank and a Windows tablet. With its built-in battery, portability and included carrying bag, it can be taken on-the-go — perfect for family picnics and outdoor get-togethers. Get it here.

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