Brilliant Space Shooter ‘Starborn Anarkist’ Updated with 64-Bit Support

  • Posted by admin on October 23, 2017

It’s always a happy day when one of my favorite older games gets a 64-bit update and is saved from the doom of the Appocalypse. Today’s example of this is ZeMind Game Studio’s unique space shooter Starborn Anarkist [Free]. Initially released in December of 2013, Starborn Anarkist isn’t your typical dual-stick space shooter, of which you can find many on the App Store already. Its main hook is the ability to build and customize your ship using a variety of ship blueprints and parts that you’ll drag onto a grid and connect in the game’s garage. I can’t stress enough just how much fun it is to try out wacky ship designs and see what works, and the collecting and unlocking of new parts and blueprints is one of the most engaging forms of progression I’ve seen in a mobile game. It’s very possible to create a total clunker ship that barely functions right, but that’s part of the fun, and with randomly generated enemies and an endless nature Starborn Anarkist is one of those games that I’m always guaranteed to have a good time with when I fire it up.

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The other big part of Starborn Anarkist is that it’s an inertia-based space shooter, similar to something like Asteroids. This was probably the most polarizing aspect of the game when it came out as it takes some real practice to get a handle on the game’s physics and be able to control your ship well. It’s not that easy to grasp right away, but once you do get the hang of things it’s an absolute blast, as noted in our original review. Also, about seven months after its release, Starborn Anarkist received a pretty beefy update adding in new content and fixes. While today’s update doesn’t seem to add anything new, I’m just thrilled that I can at least play one of my favorite iOS games again, so whether you’re an existing fan like me or you’re just now hearing about this one I’d highly suggest giving Starborn Anarkist a look if you’re into fun and unique space shooters, and there’s a discussion thread in our forums with 4 years worth of impressions for you to check out too.


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