Sennheiser’s excellent HD 650 headphones are on sale for $200 right now

For the third time in the past year, there’s an absolute steal of a sale running on Sennheiser’s HD 650 headphones. The sale is happening at Massdrop, which has an ever-so-slightly tweaked and rebranded version of the headphones called the HD 6XX on sale today for $ 199.

Don’t take this as a knockoff, though: my colleague Vlad Savov tried them out last year, and he wrote that the HD 6XX “is identical to the HD 650 in its sound signature, construction materials, and Ireland-based manufacturing.” Polygon executive editor Chris Plante wrote for this site that Sennheiser’s HD 650s are “the perfect headphones.”

There are only a few slight differences between the two models. Massdrop’s HD 6XX are a dark blue, instead of black, they have a…

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