It’s pronounced ‘iPhone Ten’

Hate to be that guy, but the “X” in iPhone X is spoken aloud in the following way:


Like the Roman numeral.

Of course, about three in 10 people (or should I say “III in X”) will actually say it correctly. But there really is a correct way to say it. This isn’t a “GIF” vs. “JIF” debate. Apple pronounced it “iPhone 10” exclusively onstage at the launch event and in its promotional film. Also, Apple has been using the roman numeral X as a sneaky, edgy 10 for well over a decade. Before the name was changed to macOS, Apple’s desktop operating system was called Mac OS X, which was a revolutionary sequel to the Mac OS 9 that preceded it.

So, if it helps your memory, remember that the iPhone X isn’t the iPhone eXtreme edition, it’s the…

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