Tips for using Alexa’s multi-room audio

Get tips for using Amazon Echo’s new multi-room audio. (Image courtesy Amazon)

On this week’s Internet of Things Podcast (play or download above), Stacey Higginbotham and Kevin Tofel give a hands on review of the Amazon Echo’s new multi-room audio feature and provide some tips for you to get started using it.

They also discuss how GE is scaling back its industrial IoT dreams, explain what a partnership between Amazon and Microsoft’s Cortana means, and the Elgato sensors.

There’s a new Internet of Things Podcast Listener Hotline, and Kevin explains how he built the system using a Raspberry Pi!

This week’s guest is Alasdair Allan, a tinkerer and researcher who is thinking about the way we secure highly distributed systems. Stacey and Alasdair discuss how malicious data inserted into a system that can report false information to bring about a destructive action.

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