Best smart helmets – keep your head safe while you ride!

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According to the 2013 US Census, about 0.6% of Americans use a bicycle to commute to work. The number of registered motorcycles in the USA has grown to over 8 million, as of 2015. Statista also reports over 6.4 people participated in skateboarding activities in 2016. What do all these people (and other active citizens) have in common? They need to keep their heads safe!

There is obviously a high demand for protective headgear, but it’s 2017 and we won’t settle with the bare minimum. Everything is becoming smart and helmets can do much more than keep our heads together. Technology can make helmets safer, funner and more convenient. How? Let’s jump right into our favorite smart helmet products to show you.

Motorcycle helmets

Sena Cavalry Helmet

Any motorcycle rider will recognize Sena. The brand is very well known for its quality Bluetooth communication systems, and many claim they simply can’t be beat. But their devices are usually simple add-ons for any helmet out there. Not this one!

The Sena Cavalry Helmet is a motorcycle half helmet with all communication systems integrated. The unit connects via Bluetooth and has a set of speakers, as well as an integrated microphone. This is by no means a lackluster unit. It can communicate with other communication systems at up to 900 meters, supports voice commands, has a built-in FM radio and can even share music.

Interested? Do keep in mind Sena products are not cheap. This little helmet retails for $ 349, a pretty high price to pay for a half helmet. Its smart capabilities may be worth every penny, though.

Sena Inc Helmet

Now, if you do want a full-face helmet with all the benefits the Cavalry has to offer, Sena is also working on the Inc Helmet. Sena claims this is the first helmet with intelligent noise control, which pretty much means it applies noise cancellation to mute wind noise and other elements that make riding more dangerous and uncomfortable.

In addition, the unit does come with all the bells and whistles. Features include 8-way communication at up to 2 km, ambient audio mode, FM radio, audio multi-tasking, voice commands, Bluetooth 4.1 support and more.

The bad news? You can’t get it yet. This was supposed to launch in early 2017 for $ 799, but we haven’t heard a thing about it for a while. When launched, this is likely to be the best of its kind, though.

LiveMap Helmet

While competitors like Skully and Nuviz have risen and fallen, LiveMap continues standing after an unsuccessful 2013 Indiegogo campaign and years of work. Their complete motorcycle helmet experience is said to be launching in Q2 2018 and you can now pre-order your unit for $ 1500.

Wait, what?! That may seem like a very high price (and it is), but we must also take a look at what this thing can do. For starters, the helmet can project GPS navigation directions straight into your face shield. This means you don’t need to turn your eyes into a tiny display or look around for your phone. Just keep your eyes on the road and white for directions to appear. And that is not all the projector can display; you can also keep track of speed and other parameters.

The helmet carries a fully functional camera, which can record footage of your adventures, as well as evidence in case any accident or incident takes places. The mic and headphones will also allow you to use voice commands, listen to music, answer calls and more.

Neat, right?

Reevu MSX1

This is not exactly a “smart” helmet, but it would be a smart purchase if you like being safe. The one thing it does, it does very well – keeping you aware of what’s behind you.

The Reevu MSX1 turns your helmet into a rear-view mirror of sorts. It takes light from the back, bends it around the head and displays an image of the road behind the rider.

The company uses reflective polycarbonate material that is both more resistant and lighter than glass. There are no electronics going on here, which also means ther eis no need to charge or use batteries. Pretty cool, right?

Cycling, skating and other sports helmets

LifeBEAM Smart Helmet

Forget those annoying chest straps, watches and other accessories that get on the way of your performance. The LifeBEAM helmet gives cyclists the edge by offering seamless heart rate, calorie and performance tracking. You have to wear a helmet to stay safe, so why not add all this functionality right into it?

This gadget is for those who simply want to perform their best while cycling. Unlike most products in this list, LifeBEAM won’t keep you entertained or communicated with the outside world. The technology was originally designed to track pilot vitals, so you know this is no toy.

Interested? The LifeBEAM Smart Helmet can be found on Amazon and pricing starts at $ 175.

Lumos Helmet

Maybe you don’t care about entertainment, communication or vitals. You just want to get from point A to point B, and you want to do so safely. Having a bicycle as a main form of transportation is not as safe as one would wish. You are sharing the road with drivers operating multi-ton machines.

It’s partly our duty to make sure drivers know we are there, and this is where Lumos comes into play. This helmet is equipped with a series of lights that will keep you safe and predictable. The white lights in the front will keep you visible for incoming traffic, while the red lights on the back will keep your 6 clear.

There is a wireless turn signal controller you can mount on your handlebars. IT does exactly what you are imagining; simply press the left/right buttons to let drivers behind you know where you are going. The helmet can also sense when you are slowing down and turns on a brake light, but this is still a beta feature.

Interested? No need to wait! Just head over to the Lumos Helmet website and get this helmet for $ 169.

Airwheel C5

The Airwheel C5 is for the adventurous souls who want to have fun, share their experiences and keep themselves safe. It does come with speakers and a microphone, making it possible to listen to music, get audio directions and even answer phone calls.

The camera can be used for multiple functions, including photo shots, video and even security monitoring. That’s right! Just leave your helmet can keep an eye on your home and any abnormalities will be noticed upon your return. Its WiFi connection also allows users to share their adventures through social networks.

Interested? You can get one from Amazon starting at $ 124.99.

Classon Smart Helmet

The Classon Smart Helmet is very unique. Not only because of its features, but the helmet itself is designed in a very interesting way. It almost looks like a flat cap. But be sure that it has all the necessary materials and features to keep you safe.

The Classon Smart Helmet can detect when you are slowing down and signals a brake light for those behind you. It also knows when you are using hand signals and starts blinking its own turn signals to help you out.

My personal favorite feature is its ability to tell when a car is incoming. There are front and rear cameras keeping track of your environment, and a light will blink in your peripheral vision when something dangerous approaches your blind spots.

The unit’s lights can also help you navigate through town. And if you want to share your rides videos can be pulled from the camera feed.

The bad news is that this product is not yet available. It was launched via Indiegogo and is scheduled to ship this September. Those who want to sign up for one can pre-order it for $ 149.


Fusar Universal Smart Helmet System

These smart helmets are very convenient, but they are often not the best looking. Nothing beats getting your favorite helmet and simply making it smart; that is eactly what the Fusar Universal Smart Helmet System does.

The kit comes with a camera that mounts on top of your helmet, a handlebar remote control and a Bluetooth headset. The main unit features a 16 MP Sony CMOS sensor that can record video up to 1080p @ 30 fps (more modes will be added after the first update). It also comes with a gyroscope, magnetometer, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS positioning, IP67 certification and a 2300 mAh battery that can last up to 4 hours.

Meanwhile, the included headset has a rider-to-rider intercom with a 50 feet range, Bluetooth 3.0, DSP noise cancellation and a 1-hour battery life. And most functions can be controlled with the 3 buttons found in the remote.

Interested? You can pre-order the Fusar Universal Smart Helmet System for $ 499.99. It is scheduled to ship this summer, though, so you will have to wait a bit to get your hands on it.

BE-LINK Helmet Bluetooth Audio System

You don’t need all those fancy features? Maybe all you want is to rock to your tunes and the BE-LINK audio system (version 3.0) will do just that for a pretty low price. This thing goes for just $ 49.99 and can be installed into any helmet. Its battery can go for up to 9 hours and the company promises great sound coming from its 30mm drivers.

Sena 20S

Motorcycle communication systems are very popular among riders, so we thought it was important to add one to the list. The Sena 20S is not only what we consider the best bang for your buck, but it has become a favorite among many motorcycle enthusiasts.

This thing can do it all. Its Bluetooth 4.1 capabilities will keep you answering calls, listening to music and following directions seamlessly. Talking about doing all these things – you can do them simultaneously. The Sena 20S is special in that it uses audio multi-tasking. This means you can continue talking to your buddies while listening to music or following navigation instructions. No distractions or interruptions!

It does feature a universal intercom with up to 2 km of range and can connect with up to 8 riders. Voice commands, advanced noise control and FM radio will also help make that ride more comfortable.

Interested? Sena is not exactly cheap. This specific communication system currently goes for about $ 269 on Amazon.

Wrapping up

Stay safe and enjoy the ride, guys. We have shown you some awesome tools to do so, but please do hit the comments if you want to recommend some of your favorite helmet tech. Have any of you used these? How do you like them?

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