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Do you remember the first mobile phones ever created? It all started with these huge black and white receivers that looked like bricks. Then it was all about flip phones and slide phones. But soon after smartphones appeared and know it seems like everyone has one of these. You probably also notice that lately all the phones are starting to look the same. That’s why in this video we want to show you unique smartphones that you probably haven’t seen before. Each of these phones has a unique design and cutting edge technology. So, let’s discover the most unusual and exclusive phones in the world
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19 thoughts on “10 MOST UNUSUAL SMARTPHONES”

  1. a 2ds is considered a hand held gaming console like a gameboy, just like a game boy or a psp. It is not smart phone.

  2. shitty clibait. most of these are concepts, or niche/just fucking stupid. also modular phones are dead

  3. Most of the phones on this video can bend so does that mean that the i phone 6s could be on here because that can bend

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