Best Smartphones Launched in MWC 2017

  • Posted by admin on June 1, 2017

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Buy the Top 5 Smartphones of 2016:
1. S7 & S7 Edge:
2. iPhone 7: iPhone 7 plus:
3. Google Pixel :
4. iPhone 6s plus :
5. OnePlus 3T:

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20 thoughts on “Best Smartphones Launched in MWC 2017”

  1. my galaxy s7 edge is terrible , it never was that great of a phone , Verizon and Google sent a update to android 7 a couple weeks ago and now it has lots of glitches, I even tried a hard reset, Verizon will not fix the issue , told me to pay 200 dollars and use my phone insurance to get a refurbished one, can you believe that , what a rip off, I told the supervisor , the 3rd one I spoke with that she new what they were doing was not right, they don't care , thanks Google for ruining my phone and Verizon for sending it out, can't even pay bills chase bank app won't work now either, lots of stock things not working like mic to voice text or voice Google search, you can restart phone and it works for about a day , gees

  2. One of the best Smartphones of 2017 is the UMI Z PRO … and there's only 99 pcs left at the presale price of just $249.99. Grab one quick before stock arrives on 20th March. Full details on the product page, which can be found HERE:

  3. is it just me, or does it seem like they're selling cameras instead of phones? sorry but if the camera is the biggest selling point, then you probably didn't bring anything new to the table and if I'm that concerned about professional photography then I'll buy an actual camera. its probably just me though

  4. Blackberry has been a NSA stooge corporation in Canada to evade US law and spy on the elite. It's a lie that it's secure or ever was.

  5. fck if u r making videos pls dont cut the audio trough video its annoying watching muted video…

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