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Here’s a French e-reader with colorful smart cases and a square shape

  • Posted by admin on May 19, 2017

French retailer Carrefour has teamed up with Bookeen, an e-reader company, to release and develop a new e-reader. Surprise. The two companies put out their first Nolim e-reader in 2013 and are now refreshing it. The revamped version features a 6-inch E Ink touchscreen display (1024 x 758 resoultion), 8GB of storage, and Wi-Fi connectivity. It’ll cost €129. Given that Amazon put out its square-shaped Paperwhite last year, Carrefour and Bookeen had to find a way to make theirs sound more interesting. Their answer? A smart case that turns the device on and off when it’s opened and closed. Yup. These are available in five different colors: green, burgundy, orange, dark grey, and light grey. I appreciate the choices, although I’m pretty sure…

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